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  • About Israeli Art Market Magazine Fine Art Magazine

    Israeli Art Market magazine offers one of the best glimpses of art coming from Israel. From contemporary and Judaica artworks to rising and established names coming out of the country, it offers unrivalled views of one of the lesser recognised art communities of the world, covering every aspect of Israeli art.

    Created not only to give exposure of Israeli art for Jewish people around the world, but art communities of every shape and form, who have perhaps not seen enough of some of the amazing works and people coming from Israel. Not only that, but it is the only English based magazine covering Israeli art that is available abroad as well as in Israel. Israeli Art Market can be purchased in subscriptions and as a single magazine, covering the latest news and stories coming from the art communities of Israel, which are now available to readers across the globe.

    The art and culture of Israel is one that comes with a deep and rich history, and one that is carried out to this day. Israeli Art Market extensively coves every aspect of this. Dozens of new artists are given never before seen coverage of their works. Special features about prominent and influential members of the art community of Israel are also common place – anyone making waves or who has played an important role in artworks of Israel will feature in the magazine.

    In addition, Israeli Art Market will be on the ground covering the must see exhibitions that are on display throughout the country. Groups and solo exhibitions alike will be given an avenue to display their works, as the magazine will look to increase exposure of the best and brightest artists based in Israel.

    Never before has the international art community been offered such unparalleled access into what is going on in and around the Israeli art communities. Contemporary Israeli art is as varied as it is impressive. Being able to give voice to the hardworking artist of the country for the rest of the world to see gives Israeli Art Market the upmost sense of pride. Any artistic concept is welcome in this magazine – it wants to tell the stories behind the art.

    Ever country has art forms that course with the DNA of its people. Judaica art is the perfect example of art that has made its home in Israel.  This traditional religious artwork has seen a popular resurgence in Israel and around the world. As an important aspect of Judaism, covering these various artworks helps to offer a new insight that many have never seen before, an important reason as to why Israeli Art Market covers Judaica.

    Israeli Art Market  is readily available at all good digital newsstands, including Apple’s App Store, Google play,, and You can also purchase Kindle versions from Amazon, along with print versions in the United States from Both subscriptions and single issues can be purchased through these stores, making it easy to enjoy the best English language Israeli arts magazine around.


Israeli Art Market
Dozens of artists and hundreds of artworks / Coverage of museums and gallery exhibitions in Israel / Fledgling artists alongside well-known artists / Solo Exhibitions / Group Exhibitions / Contemporary Art / Judaica Art and so much more….


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