Benny Hershkowitz- Judaica Art Gallery



Welcome to my Judaica Art Gallery where you have the opportunity to buy directly from the artist.
I was
born in Cyprus 1948 son of holocaust survivors and live in Israel.

Father of 5 and grandfather of 17.
My profession is Hi-tech hardware and software engineering.
My hobby is handcrafting Judaica art from wood.
All my works are done will love, warmth and attention to detail.
Among my creations are Mezuzot, Hanukah menorahs,
Hebrew wall clocks, Tallit clips, Wooden Judaic jewelry, YAD Torah pointer and Purim Groggers (Ra’ashan-noisemakers).
I use only natural wood remnants from Israel obtained without causing damage to the trees. My products adorn synagogues and private homes all over the world and were in exhibitions 

Please visit my web site (in Hebrew):

The e-mail [email protected]

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