Ilana Dotan- Drawings


Ilana Dotan
Graphic designer, a graduate of the Art Department at Bezalel Academy.
“I create drawings based on photos I take.
As for now, as a reaction or defense or maybe peaceful protest against a world which is flooded with images
and information, many of which are emotionally charged, I choose to engage in my drawings with everyday
objects that tend to be passed by or preserved as a whole, or not to be seen at all, because they are
not considered aesthetic or interesting.
I focus on what is in front of me and choose to engage in the insignificant and the unimportant,
because although we need to know what is going on around, this knowledge is often overwhelming and discouraging.
The precise drawing connects with the intimate, encourages to stop for quiet contemplation and attention to detail.
This attention gives value and room to those otherwise overlooked objects.”

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