Lela Migirov- Painting

Lela Migirov is a Professor of Otolaryngology and well-known ear surgeon as well as artist and photographer.
She started painting during her sabbatical in Paris in 2011 and since that she learned painting in the WERTZBERGER COLLEGE OF ARTS AND CRAFTS, PARIS COLLEGE OF ART, Tel Aviv Artists House and various studios in Paris. Lela divides her time between Paris and Tel Aviv.
Lela’s paintings are in private collections in Israel, Germany, France, Russia and USA.
Lela created three artist’s books: “Paris, Eclairs & Vous” (English, French and Russian editions) which is in the artist’s book collection of the Kandinsky Library (Pompidou Center, Paris), and two others, “Paris, Mon rêve” and “Seine, la prison, to me manqué…” (French editions)

“The inspiration for all of my work is the people I love, people I meet, music I hear, books I read, the city I live in, rain, sorrow, happiness…
The infinity of the depicted world creates a dreaming and magical place, where objects emerge in mysterious ways triggering amazement. I compose my art by establishing a tight connection between my energy and feelings, converging in one specific magnificent moment.
During the painting my senses are troubled and the desire for freedom at these moments becomes the core of the creation which is directed with no predetermined direction. I approach the canvas with vigor and imagination that express my mood at the moment of creation, at times tempestuous and at times subtle. To me, every creation is an endless melody, a light, a movement of spirit and a storm of emotions conjuring up captivating colors. Thus, I do not limit myself to a particular style of painting or to a unique technique. I invite you to explore your subconscious in a fantastic journey into the world of dreams, suggestions, emotions, magical strengths, mystery and expressive power.”

– Lela Migirov

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