Nirit Ovadia - Painting


Born in Israel in 1964.
Graduated at “Wizo academic center, Haifa” following 4 years of studies in graphic design
Majority of artworks are performed in either Oil on canvas or Drawing on paper.
Won several “honorable mentions” in competitions in Israel and Europe
Won the “honorable mentions” category for the painting named “the last stage” at the 2014 “the artist table” competition.
Judge’s decision quote: “The jury has examined this work rigorously. We confirm Nirit Ovadia has actually used her pencil to photographically represent every wrinkle, vessel and hair of her grandfather.
One sees the shirt is not nearly worn out. We bow to the patience, the eye for detail and the sublimation technique of this master.” 

Won (with same painting above) the second stage up at the 2015 highly prestigious portrait competition in “the national portrait gallery”, London.
Won a slot (one out of 20 selected artists worldwide) at the 2016 reflections competition (The innovative arts, journalism and storytelling project, telling the story of Nepal in the year since the 2015 earthquake). The artwork “Earth sunset” was presented at three locations: Patan Museum, Katmandu, Pokhara lakeside, both in Nepal and Atrium gallery at UWE Bristol, England.

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