Niva Dotan - Painting

Niva Dotan is a multidisciplinary artist a painter and a sculptor.

A significant part of her life Niva lived in Paris and Brussels and studied modern and classical art , sociology and anthropology .
During her stay in Europe Dotan set up an European company for selling art , while studying at the Academy of Art in Brussels and the Sobronne .
Niva participated in numerous collective exhibitions and later also presented solo exhibitions throughout Europe.
Dotan danced in different circles, but found herself dealing with two main issues:
The circle of the “reality” of being a woman and a mother versus the circle of magical “illusion” sailing upon imagination painted in vibrant colors,and daring to think “outside the box” and beyond the consensus.

You can see NivaÂ’s creative process as an attempt to communicate in a sensitive way to those individuals who really are interested and open to accept her as she is.

The question: “What’s the purpose of my life” bothering her and carries a lot of pain while her work and experimenting with different materials leading to the exploration and understanding of the purpose of creation in all things .
Her earlier work reflected in defiance of the female ego, but over the time there has been acceptance, surrender and understanding what is her real mission and purpose is to make peace with herself and devote herself to her art .

“I have a respect and an admiration to avant-garde. I identify with artist who struggle for renewal, originality, change, refresh and adding what I call; “le petit rien” or the ” sessamy grain”. This little contribution to Art in the mirror of time, is my statement as an artist.” Niva Dotan


1977-1981 – B.A. Art departments-anthropology and sociology at Tel Aviv University.
1988 – living in Paris, France, Study in SORBONNE UNIVERSITEE UVFR, and knowledge of international art.
1990-1998 Residential and art studies at the Academy of UCCLE-BRUXELLES. Participation in collective exhibitions of student-artists around the city of Brussels.
1997 Solo exhibition at the International Fair of Contemporary Art in the city GENT province FLANDRE.
1998 Solo exhibition at the International Fair of Contemporary Art in the city GENT.
1999 Solo exhibition at the Contemporary Art AUTOMNE, Brussels.
2000 Solo exhibition at the fair city of GENT art.
2001 Solo exhibition at MARIE-THERESE Brussels. Chaussee de Vleurgat 255 BXL
2001 First Solo exhibition space AV. LOUISE 347BXL Brussels.
2003 Solo Exhibition International Art Fair ARLON, LUXEMBOURG.
2004 Solo exhibition at AUTOMNE Brussels.
2004 First Solo exhibition space BRUGMANN AV. BRUGMANN 168 BXL – Brussels
2005 Presentation private space 10 AV. WINSTON CHURCHILL Brussels.
2006-2009 Presentation private space 248 RUE VANDERKINDERE Brussels.
2012-2013 Tel Aviv residence and presentation creation workshop EKALIPTOP.
2013 Solo exhibition space EDITH CAVELL. Rue Edith Cavell 2 Brussels.
2014 Exhibition at the port of Jaffa, Tel Aviv.
2014 Exhibition at “Habima” Tel Aviv
2015 exhibition an hotel Dan Eilat
2015 exibition at “Hbima” Tel Aviv

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