Roni Oren - Paintings

Looking at the in between
Studding internal maps.
Documenting moments no one remembers.
Looking at the most simple, unnoticed ones.
At non important fractions of life routine,
Each one bearing the whole weight of existence.
Growing up in Tel Aviv of late 50th surrounded by art by leading Israeli painters of the time, I started to paint when I was 6 years old. Since then, painting has been existential mean for me of observing the world.
Admiring the Impressionists, influenced by the Expressionists (Germans especially). I am connected to emotions and passion, colors and movement.
Sensitive to details, nuances, gestures with one hand and experiencing the civilization, the city life, the high frequencies of the urban life and the day-to-day aggression on the other, I am finding myself bridging between romanticism and sensitivity and strait forward aggressive work on the canvas.

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