Uriel Cazes- Judaica

Uriel Cazes was born in 1954 in Haifa (Israel), where he spent also some of his childhood in a Kibbutz.
Supported by his father and his older brother he started to study art at the school of art and fashion in Tel Aviv. After finishing military service in Israel he moved to Germany and continued studying with support of Professor Sotirios Michou from Stuttgart Art Academy. He lives in Germany and mostly Ibiza, where he has his studio. He showed his work in several countries. In 1989 he started his cycle “jewish life” which he uses to paint about different aspects of the jewish culture and religion. Besides that he was
sucessful with landscapes about Israel and Ibiza, also with his “bridges” as a symbol for intercultural exchange and understanding. He was showing his art not only in galleries, also in Churches and institutions with cultural and religious backgrounds.
Since 2012 he is represented by Pashmin Art Gallery, showing his work on art fairs all over the world, actually at Art Shanghai 2012, Scope NYC 2014, Art Canton 2014 and Palm Beach Art Fair in January 2015. Also he took part in the group show at Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg 2013 “Figure and Space” and a group show at Museum of Russian Art in Kiev / Ukraine.

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