Varda Levy- Oil Painting


Varda Levy- Oil Painting
Varda Levy, autodidact painter, lives in Jerusalem. In recent years painting has become a major preoccupation and passion of her life and she is perfecting and developing it constantly.
The paintings of Varda engaging various levels of life, and reflect internal moods and expressions of the artist’s mental strength according to the changes she experienced in her personal life.
Varda expresses herself through realistic images, human characters, still life, and views of nature, you can see in her work a merging of the spirit and substance, of reality and dream, that tell an inner intriguing story.
The viewer is called to enter the intimate and profound, mysterious and aesthetic worlds, richly colored and full of intimacy and movement.
Varda is inspired by colors and nature, and the intensity of her painting touches the depth of the soul.
Each piece is a journey to a world that relies intuitive feelings and experiences in the personal sense of the artist.

The artist’s exhibitions:
2015 Gallery “Cube” Israel
Eldan Hotel Israel
2016 Art and About Gallery Israel
Art and Colours ROA Gallery London UK
Halal art gallery Gan Hair Tel Aviv Israel
Habait Hayarok gallery, Tel Aviv Israel
Art Expo- Strasburg Winter Salon France
Tirosh gallery Herzelia Israel

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