Yitzhak Nir - Painiting

Painter. Former I.A.F fighter pilot, El Al captain, social activist, aviation safety inspector. Lives in Tel Aviv.
Art studies:
• Gouache: Tamar Binimov (1957 – 8).
• Charcoal: Marcel Yanko (1960).
• Mixed technique: Ernest Fuchs, Wolfgang Manner, Lev Steiman (1978 – 82).
• Art history: Dr. Avital Heyman (1998 – 9).
Master classes: W. Manner, D. Livni, Z. Malnovizer, G. Ullman, B. Trite, E. Aharon, S. Katz, A. Nir, John Skelcher (2005 – 14).
Exhibitions: Since 1980 many group, solo & permanent displays. His works are in private and public collections in Israel & abroad.
Retrospect exhibition: “The Jerusalem Theatre”, Jerusalem 2012.
* * *
• His paintings: are colors and composition balanced, thus creating an atmosphere of enigma.
• His pronounced perspectives: influenced from a 40,000 feet point of view.
• His landscapes: are reached of impressionistic brush and spatula strokes, creating contrasts between near & far, dark & light, cold & warm, heavy & detailed to a foggy and diminishing appearance …
• His portraits: are focused on psychologist depth through the painted eyes.
• His works: confront life & death, growth & destruction, love & fears, heavy & solid againste an airy skies and horizons.

The technique in Israeli Art Market exhibitions
• Original Drawing & Painting: Charcoal/pencil. Opaque & transparent layers of Oil, Tempera & Acrylic on wood, Masonite or canvas.
• Digital canning, printings & starching: on high quality Canvas.
• Added layers: Oil and/or Acrylic to form volumes, contours & desired tones to meet the original values.
• Varnishes: Transparent and colored, to create a final uniform appearance.

* * *
The works are signed and numbered 1 to 20 for every series of the same measurements.

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